HOA Alert - Neighborhood Watch In Your Pocket

HOA-Alert Helps Keep Your Neighborhood Safe 

  • Quickly & Easily Send Alerts Out To Your Neighborhood
  • Alert Neighbors of Suspicious Persons
  • Warn Others of Suspicious Vehicles 
  • Let Others Know Your Pet Is Missing 
  • Send Special Admin Alerts To Your Members About Important Information

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Billing through HOA 


Types Of Alerts

Suspicious Vehicle

Vandals will often times scout out neighborhoods well before striking. By snapping a picture of the vehicle and setting the location, you can keep everyone more aware to keep their garage doors closed or bring in your children's bikes. 

Suspicious Person

See someone looking over fences in your neighborhood? Let your neighbors know ASAP to keep an eye out and to ensure their back doors are locked as well as any valuable belongings in the back yard are secured.


Someone has just pulled the infamous toilet papering of your home. Shoot an alert out to everyone in your neighborhood so they can turn their front lights on and check if their children are home.

Missing Pet

Has your dog gotten off his leash while you were on a walk? Quickly send a 'Missing Pet' alert out with a description of the dog, his name and a picture from your photo library to let everyone know to keep an eye out.

Admin Backend

As the admin of your HOA you will be able to view ALL previous alerts indefinitely, as well as send out Admin Alerts to your HOA members for anything you would like. In most cases, important HOA meeting times, alerts about power outages and more.

Missing Person

Your son or daughter was out playing with their friends and hasn't come home for dinner yet and is starting to worry you. As fast as you can click twice you can alert your neighbors of the situation and they will let you know if they have seen them.

24-7 Tech Support

Having issues with the our application or the admin backend? Feel free to drop us a line or send us an email at support@hoa-alert.com and we will get back with you ASAP.

How it works

HOA Alert works by taking the neighborhood watch to a whole new level. Each member of the neighborhood would have access to this app allowing them to choose from 1 of 5 options to describe what the issue may be regarding the safety of the neighborhood. As soon as the person selects one, sets an optional description and either takes or selects an optional image, an alert will be sent to all the surrounding members phones with the exact location, image and description of what is going on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up an account?

To set up your very own HOA Alert for your neighborhood, please call or email our sales team or fill out the New Customer Form and we will contact you shortly after to get everything set up. The account will be billed through the app store.

How does HOA Alert bill us?

HOA Alert will bill through the HOA itself in order to keep the setup as simple as possible. HOA Alert bills per home per month at a very affordable price. Please contact our sales team to get a quote for your neighborhood.

How many different alerts can we send?

In the name of simplicity, HOA Alert found the 5 most used alerts are Suspicious Vehicle, Suspicious Person, Missing Person, Missing Pet, Vandalism and a quick dial for 911 in case of emergencies. After a member sends an alert, it will place a colored pin at their location so everyone knows exactly where to watch closely. Then the other members will receive an alert to their phones with a snapshot of what is happening.

When an alert is sent, how do we get alerted?

After a member of your neighborhood has sent an alert, each member will get a very simple ding notification to their phone with a snapshot of what the alert is. The alerts were designed to be as unobtrusive as possible so you will not need to worry about annoying dings going off every minute. Once the notification is clicked, it will take the member to a map with a pin where the alert has been placed.

Are alerts saved anywhere for future reference?

Yes! All alerts are saved to the HOA Admin portal and can be accessed at any time. Alerts will only stay on the map for 24 hours before timing out but even after the timeout period, a copy will always remain in the HOA Admin online portal just in case you need to find a license plate number or a picture of a suspected criminal in your area that someone had posted a while back warning about. 

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